I knitted something for me! It's a shruglet.The pattern can be found here on ravelry (online knitting community, get with the programme Dad). It's actually called the Easy Peasy Shrug. And it was indeed easy peasy, but mine turned out petit non? The pattern was concise and very easy to follow. The giant lace stitch and bigger needles meant it knitted up super fast which is so satisfying for a slow poke like me. I thought this colour was soft and feminine however it's actually the colour of a plaster, but heck I knitted it so I'm wearing it. I also think it might be a little tween? I imagine in black it would be awesome Emo wear. I think I will try another one, in a less medical equipment colour with a tad more coverage. I took these photos myself which explains their exceptionally poor quality. It's dull and the rain was sheeting down and I think Grier is on a 24 Shriekathon which someone forgot to memo me about. Seriously, the nails down a blackboard shrieks are bad news Grierabelle.