Handpainted Bag

We wanted to make something special for Granny for Mothers Day and this is what I came up with given a quick root around in the craziness that is my craft cupboard. A plain cotton shopping bag and some colourful fabric paint and you too can have a masterpiece like this.I made a template using a bit of cardboard and stuck it with glue dots to the bag so it wouldn't move and also slipped a piece of cardboard into the bag so the paint wouldn't bleed through to the other side which turned out to be a fortuitous nugget of insight as Brodie was generous with the paint. fabric paint bag 1 Then I took the lids off the paint and let Brodie loose to do his worst create. He chose his favourite colours and applied splodges and then mixed it all together. It's unique, hopefully useful and makes the boy proud. Grier helped by playing with the lids and mysteriously applying red fabric paint to my jeans, thanks Bellaboo. We used the finished article to wrap another present for Granny inside by ingeniously tying a bow around the whole thing. See? fabric painted bag 2