For the little people in our lives I went with cosy hats, mittens and neckwarmers.hat 1

hat 2

hat 3

hat 4

hat 7

hat 6

I used this and this pattern for all the hats, adding ribbons and buttons to the girls. I lined the hats with leftover jersey material from the ruffle scarfs. I got the tutorial for that here. I didn't actually make functioning buttonholes partly because me and buttonholes, we don't get on and also because I used massive buttons. I went with snaps which I'm hoping will stand up to yanking. For the boys scarfs I basically just winged it and made it up as I went along. The mitten pattern was from here and I will admit to spending longer than is reasonable trying to sew the lining in properly - there were thumbs all over the place. I understand fleece is not a particularly sophisticated fabric but it's exceptionally cosy and soft and is very easy to sew. No fraying and easy to handle. I wish I could have found some more exciting prints but I'll be using it again I'm sure. And being the Mum of a little boy who believes items of clothing are not real presents at all I included books, games and sweeties along with the aforementioned cosies.