Holiday 2015

We came home from holidays with more Lego, a giant magnet, some champers and strawberry jam and a fresh outlook on life, job done.

It's only fair I split the photos over a couple of posts, lest you nod off. Here goes.

Sand, as usual featured heavily in holiday pursuits. We happened upon the town Carnival by chance when we visited St Annes. We also came across this lovely park.

I'm not sure who loved this more, me or her.

Fleetwood wins for prettiest beach huts.

The baby was a rockstar. He napped on the hoof, ate on the hoof, waved his chubby feet in the air like he just didn't care. Top marks little man, your chill attitude kept me sane for sure.


We were lucky with weather and only had one rainy day. We went to Lancaster and we found that the Museum of Childhood was having small Lego exhibition. We couldn't miss that:)

The kids cracked open their holiday money and Grier chose this paint your own treasure chest. And Brodie chose......


The farmhouse we stayed in turned out to be just beautiful. We had seen photos online before we travelled but it was so much more in the flesh. It was the dream of someone who not so secretly harbors living in rural, isolated farmhouse fantasies.

I have a sink at home identical to this one. I've never thought to bath the baby in it though.

The aga proved very handy for drying baby buns.

We enjoyed our eggs in the morning. 

I've been pestering Greig for a while about a patch of poppies in fields near our house. I really don't see what could possibly go wrong with stopping at the side of the road and ferrying three children into said field to take photos. He thinks because I found this patch of poppies on holiday my urge is satisfied. It is not.

Does anyone else see teenager?

There's more where these came from, many more. Hurry back!