Thank you note

I would give myself maybe 6 out of 10 for writing thank you notes. I try to get it done but after busy things like birthdays I'm always left with a couple that I've written but never actually get around to delivering or sending. I'm slightly better at sending them for special events and sometimes I even find time to make them!I like to try to send them because I think it's probably quite nice for the person being thanked to receive them and partly because it's a reminder of how lucky we are to have such generous people in our lives. I want to show Brodie and Grier that saying thank you is not only polite, the act of being grateful is good for you. It feels nice. And the best way to show them? I think it's to share with them how grateful I am for them. But they can't read (yet!) so the thank you note I have for them I will write here. And if you are already feeling nauseous over my outpouring of unicorns and rainbows I suggest you probably come back tomorrow when I'll no doubt be back to talking about kicking dogs or cake or play dough.

Dear Brodie and Grier, I think you are wonderful. You do things everyday which make my heart stretch a little more and teach me things that many years of education never could. You don't care that I rarely find time to wear make up or have sick on my top. When I am grumpy and less than gracious you forgive me in a heartbeat. When I have a sore bit you rub it better, when I can't sleep you offer me toys to help. Your love of life is infectious and makes me want to try everything, see everything, taste everything and be everything I never thought of before.

Thank you, love Mum x