Quick, keep up!

I'd just like to document here on ye olde blog that for once I am way ahead of the times. I first made marshmallows in like 2011 or something.

And whilst I can't quite claim to have invented marshmallows apparently they are now the height of fashion, the new cronut as it were. AND I WAS THERE FIRST.

Since poor Morag can't have wheat or dairy in her diet marshmallows are one of the only things I can make for her, safe in the knowledge that I'm not going to make her ill. 

I made her a batch of pale blue marshmallows for Mothering Sunday and wrapped them in a brown bag, pegged with a tiny doily because it looks cute and I still have a lot of doilies to use up. Doily anyone?

I'd like to say marshmallows are really difficult to make but that would be untrue. You do need a sugar thermometer and some patience but the possibilities for flavour combinations are endless.

Next up I'm going to try this recipe from The Marshmallowists

It does require one to open a bottle of champagne and only use 2 tablespoons in the recipe itself, but that's the kind of decadence I live for.

It appears Brodie is a fan too.

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