This Life

Such a busy, wonderful week. Greig has been here to have dinner with us, steward bath time and referee fights over whether the kids have Dad read their bedtime books or boring old mum. Baxter has been in his happy place and has been smiling twice as much as usual which I didn't think was possible because his favourite person - Daddy - has been here all week. I don't really want to think about next week yet.

Lots of photos to share,

granny had an easter egg hunt. it was unsurprisingly a massive hit.

baxter and great granda supervised

no chocolate egg was safe from grier

we headed to montrose. despite superwarm temperatures in the rest of scotland it was freezing there. we had friends and cake to keep us warm though. and the memories of auntie vikki falling off the the flying fox......

she looks so grown up......we stopped at Muddy Boots on the way home where blessedly the sun was shining

next we did Helix Park, where the sun was shining but after a splash the kids were freezing. and i was just freezing. when will i learn to take a coat? we had fluffy towels and clean clothes for B and G but I could have used a hot water bottle down quilt.

i also got around to finishing my december daily. since the arrival of baxter it's been sitting collecting dust so it feels good to get it done and dusted.

 you make me happy all day, everyday

I also managed a trip to the cinema with my big boy which was a great treat for us both. And my sewing machine has been serviced so I'm desperate to sew all the things. If I can find any fabric in the garage disaster zone which is the holding bay for my craft stuff while the loft conversion is underway. We are on week 6 of having the builders here and dare I say the end might be in sight.....?