Mice on Ice

We had a first around here today. Brodie was in the Nursery nativity and not a prouder set of parents, grandparents and great grandparents could you find. His official role was as skating mouse number 5, but we like to think he stole the show.

He faithfully followed choreography and direction and sang every word. I think deep down, he actually might have enjoyed it a teeny, tiny bit.

The nursery asked us to send in a mouse costume and to be honest I think we got off easy after seeing the Christmas trees and snowmen and more complicated costumes on show.

We got the B boy a black t shirt and leggings which I sewed a skinny pink felt tail onto. I then made a simple mouse mask with felt using an elephant mask we already have as a template. It was quick and easy so I sewed one for Grier and hopefully they will live on in the toy boxes for a while yet.

I'm so proud of Brodie, forgive me, I'm a mushball anyone would think it was Christmas.



mouse 1.jpg
mouse 2.jpg
mouse 3.jpg
mouse 4.jpg

Oh, and this is Greig 'working from home'. Squeak.