The cover that Caroline quilt

That is possibly the worst blog post title ever.

Moving on. Here is Grier's quilt. When I was expecting her I got a little obsessed with collecting pictures of baby quilts. I thought it would be so satisfying to sew something for our new baby but as usual it's taken me a little longer to get it together.... Grier's nursery is yellow and grey and at first I wanted to create a yellow and grey quilt. It turned out to be harder than I thought to find fabric I liked. This was the first 'big' item I quilted and I was a little unsure how to choose fabrics which would tie together and would hold up well to quilting. In the end I ordered this layer cake, designed by Aneela Hoey. It had grey as a main colour and I loved the red, pink and aqua in it too. I like that is it modern and a little bit Scandinavian in design. What I loved most was that the designs were based around Little Red Riding Hood which means we can tell Grier (and no doubt listen to!) stories about the characters. I bought it from a US seller on etsy which worked out cheaper than ordering from a UK vendor even with shipping costs.

Then I had to find a design I liked. I used this as my template and the instructions were clear and easy to follow and it didn't take as long as I thought it might to create the ruffles and sew all the individual pieces together. When it came to backing the quilt I originally wanted to use a dotty blue fabric but it wasn't quite right. I went with the red dots instead. Sweet right? I had a lot of leftover fabric though so in a fit of inspriation I decided to piece together small pieces to make a border. I think it might be my favourite part. Next I had to decide on a fabric to bind the quilt. I kind of stalled here for a while as I wanted to find the right thing. I couldn't get the right shade of aqua or grey or even off white so I went with pink. I know, I know, who would believe I would go for all the pink? I used this tutorial for binding. If I make another quilt - Brodie is lobbying for a vehicle quilt, I would worry less about getting a matching set of fabric although there is something undeniably beautiful about all those little squares already cut and stacked up waiting to be sewn. I would probably order material in fat quarters and cut it myself to save some wastage and give flexibility in the design.

I now appreciate how much skill there is involved in quilting - skill I don't possess! I winged it and made up the rest and as a result the quilt is far from perfect. But I made it for Grier and I want her to enjoy it and snuggle with it and build forts with it and wear it as a cape. If it survives through her toddler years I will be happy.

Sadly lacking

So our friends had a baby boy, Samuel last Thursday and my already pathetic housekeeping skills have been further pushed aside in order to make tiny, soft baby things to take when we get to go and snuggle him. I haven't finished Grier's quilt quite yet but I'm already obsessed with quilting things. I made this little playmat quilt in a really simple patchwork pattern. I realised early on that getting the rows to match up was going to take more precision and time than I really had so I went for a deliberately off centre approach which I hope kind of works. The actual 'quilting' is not great, that is the holding the layers together bit, but I think it looks ok. The binding is wobbly too, but it was made with love so hopefully that will make up for it. This blog is really useful if you are a complete beginner quilter like me. I knitted a wee hat, shoes and mitts in this lovely bamboo yarn which is really soft so I hope his new Mum and Dad like them. Now I really need to get my bathroom cleaned oh and make the hundred or so wedding invitations I have on my to do list......