Little Readers

 'Children are made readers of the laps of their parents'

Emilie Buchwald


My kids are 4 and nearly 2 now. We're out of the baby trench days when a whole twelve hours could easily be taken up in just the basic rounds of feeding, changing, playing. I now normally have a bunch of housework jobs I'd like to get done during the day when the kids are awake so that I can reclaim some of the evening to do stuff just for me. And for the most part the kids are happy to play alongside me as I do my 'work', or sometimes they want to help which is fine too. I think it's good for them to see what goes into keeping our home running - of course they are still very young so I'm not sure how much of that they understand. I think it's good that I'm not always available to play right away although I always try to explain when I'll be finished and when we can do whatever it is they request.

There's one exception to all of that though. If either one brings a book I always stop what I'm doing and read to them. Yes sometimes that means sitting on the bathroom floor with rubber gloves on reading about the Moomins. Books and reading are so precious that I never say no, I can't. 

Greig and I read a lot. We are falling over books and magazines and we read on our phones and laptops too. The kids see us reading often and Brodie reads to Grier regularly. His ridiculously good memory means he can recall most of her story books with ease as he flips the pages, or if in doubt he just makes it up which is my favourite. Books are also our olive branch of choice. They heal rifts and smooth ruffled feathers. They are a place to explore new and exciting territories and new and exciting and scary feelings. Reading is our favourite activity and the most formative early learning experience I can think of. When we read to our kids we are showing them we love them.

So internet friends, how do you fancy leaving me a comment with your favourite children's book and we'll search it out at the library if  we don't have it already?