I wrote about carseats here. Tonight when I was getting the kids ready for bed I caught a couple of seconds of this weeks Bang Goes the Theory on BBC 1 about rearfacing seats. There are moves to discuss whether or not we will follow other European countries in adopting laws to ensure our children travel in rearfacing carseats for longer and the programme looks at why that's a good idea. You can watch it on iplayer here for the next month if you want to see if for yourself (about 15mins into the programme). Will a few years from now rearfacing carseats be the norm and we will look back on forward facing car seats for under 4's as being akin to the way we all jumbled about the back seat, slithering over each other like eels completely unrestrained? Whilst foward facing carseats are safe and certainly better than the way I travelled as a child rearfacing is safer, resulting in fewer injuries and deaths so let's just get on with moving things forward, or rearward if you like.