When we moved in to our house we moved into a building which had been home to the same family since it was built. We have the original plans the house was built from and bits and pieces of furniture and some mercury - but that's a story for a different day. We uncovered historical wallpaper and ripped out fittings which had been in situ for 50 years. We also inherited a host of garden paraphernalia. Nothing valuable, nothing particularly exciting but definitely useful. So for two years I've used the watering can, water-butt, small tools and garden pots that came with the house.The garden of our home was neglected and overgrown (and doesn't look that much different now!) but underneath that you could tell it had been well-loved just like the house it surrounds. The soil seems to be ridiculously fertile as evidenced by the fact that apparently anything I plant grows and flourishes. I've seemed to manage to grow things that I really had no right to being the greenest gardener ever. See what I did there? So I was very excited to uncover these seeds today, which must have belonged to the original owners.

There were lots of italian packets so I couldn't read the instructions, and they must have been there for at least 4 years but I am confident they will grow. I just believe they will. In fact I would bet good money they will.

As I was busy planting and watering and labelling, Brodie was elbow deep in soggy sand. Never a happier boy will you find. He's totally over the whole seeds thing but hopefully when they become seedlings I can pique his interest again.

I feel like by using these seeds and tools from people who loved and cared for this garden for so long like I can't go wrong. And it feels nice to keep it going.