Tianna Dress

Another dress! This making of tiny clothes is highly addictive.... I came across this pattern while browsing etsy from seller The LilyBird Studio. I loved it straight away and bought the baby (0-24mth) pattern. I notice the seller is selling a bundle pack with the bigger pattern size as well (2-8years) which I definitely would have bought if I'd realised. I thought the pattern was excellent, the best I have used hands down. Very clear, lots of photos and great hints and tips. Plus there are only two sheets of pattern to print and no fitting together required which is good for the pattern illiterate like me. I also think it's really versatile, I've already got lots of other fabric combinations planned. I decided not to add buttons to the ruffle on the front but I want to try this out too. The only problem I ran into was those bleeping buttonholes again. My apparently idiot proof sewing machine has never come across and idiot quite like me before. It seems to snaffle and get caught up again and again so by the time I get a buttonhole made the fabric is in terrible shape. For that reason I sewed up the sides of the dress rather than add another couple of buttonholes and it's a little snug to get on and off but perhaps I'll use snaps or something next time? I made the 12 month size for Grier and it fits her now at 10 months. She is still wearing mostly 6-9 month size clothes so I guess the pattern sews us slightly smaller than shop bought dresses?

Now that my tiny model is on the move taking pictures is proving challenging!


We are hoping for invitations to 3 weddings coming up and finding nice and different things for Brodie to wear is really hard. He is only 3 and I don't want him to be dressed like a teenager. I'm not a fan of kilts on very young boys - they don't look comfortable to me so I thought I might try to make something a bit different. I first came across this blazer and fell in blazer love. I absolutely love the fabric but I knew I would want something just a bit less funky for a wedding. I loved the piping and the pockets and knew I wanted to try my hand at it.The pattern is by Melly Sews and is from here

Here is my version of the Toddler Blazer!

Toddler Blazer

Toddler Blazer

I think in reflection the buttons are a a bit big and I need to make the seam at the back bigger to nip it in a bit. I love the piping but close up it's a bit messy - I have 'misplaced' my zipper foot so the piping was a bit sloppy before I added it to the jacket. I wasn't brave enough to try pockets - maybe next time? But other than that I'm pretty happy with it.

I always notice loose threads after I've taken the pictures - so annoying.

Toddler Blazer

I'm not going to lie - there were plenty of moments when I wanted to give it up. First I didn't read the pattern instructions well at all. Like the bit where the author says if you live outside of the US your paper will be the wrong size and your printer will not be able to print the pattern correctly. Gah. Cue lots of pouting and head scratching. I eventually got the pattern pieces sorted and it was relatively plain sailing from there. The original pattern doesn't have piping so it was trial and error working out where to put it (lots of errors). The pattern is well written but I just seems to be a bit random when it comes to following instructions.

Toddler Blazer

What do you think? I'm going to attempt it again with off white corduroy which could prove to be a trickier fabric to work with. What colour lining do you think would be good? Any other nice patterns you know of?

Ruffle it up

Are you fed up with my jubilee themed posts yet?I promise this is the last:)

The Jubiskirt

Made using leftover material. When I was following this tutorial the sensible part of my brain knew that the material I cut for the ruffled layers was nowhere near long enough but I find it hard to deviate from the instructions in sewing tutorials so I went with it. I promptly remade the whole thing an hour later with more material to make it more ruffly and I actually think you could ramp up even more ruffles if you felt the need. Other than that it was super quick and very easy. I'm thinking it will definitely work for Olympic 2012 cheering on, no?

Bad Sewing Mojo

I wanted to spend some time sewing last night but I was in a bad mood - for no good reason - but let's just say I was not in good fettle.Be warned, if you sew in a bad mood you will have bad sewing mojo. And things will go wrong and then you will be in an even worse mood. Unless you have a husband who will model bonnets, then you might just laugh. Remember a few days ago when it was baking hot? You know, before this incessant drizzle started. Grier's sun hats kept blowing away so I went in hunt of one with a strap. And the lady in Mothercare was exceptionally helpful except everyone in the world was buying sun hats on account of it being unseasonably warm so there were none left. Well none that you would actually put on your baby's head. So I thought I could just add a strap to one she already had. And then I thought I could make one of those really cute (impractical) bonnets I've got pinned. Excellent. So I used this tutorial. It mentions that the pattern will yield a smallish hat so I scaled it up a bit for Grier. Only I made it big enough to fit Greig. No joke. This picture doesn't really illustrate how enormous it is.

The tutorial was good though, easy to follow and I would use it again - more on that later. Threading the elastic through was a bit of a pain. So today, with sewing mojo back intact - or so I hoped I tried again. This time I used plain white cotton not the dotty stuff I used on ye olde giant bonnet and I made the ties shorter. It was much better in size - I used the pattern as it prints for my 9 month old who has a generously sized head. I would go as far to suggest that the ruffle could have been bigger? I'm not sure it will actually provide as much sun protection as I would like but it's cute no? And I can save the giant one for when Grier appears in High School Musical - The Pride and Prejudice Years. Or until we visit the Amish.