Splash Mat

This has been on my daily to do list since this material arrived in the post last week. I'm not sure it really counts as sewing when it's essentially two pieces of material sewn together, turned and then topstitched. I love the fabric - I've been looking for laminated cotton for ages to make a splash mat with and found this on eBay. The selvage writing was Japanese (I think) characters and it definitely has that cartoony feel to it. I'm not sure it is laminated cotton - it feels a bit like a rain coat but it works well. I'm now on the hunt for a big piece of similar fabric to cover the kitchen table after reading about the possible health implications from traditional oilcloth - or PVC coated fabric. I know, I know we all chewed on lead paint and were fine but I can't help thinking it's best to avoid ingesting chemicals as and where we can - although I appreciate this would be a drop in the ocean so to speak. I guess it looks a bit small for a messy mat but I didn't want something I was likely to trip on and so far Grier's range of discarded food is nothing like Brodie's was. She also tends to resort to a bit of rocking back and forward to let me know that a meal is over rather than the full arm sweep of food to floor that Brodie used. I have a decent chunk of material left over which would make a great wet bag, lunch bag or just a cute little girl bag.