Supermarket shopping is one of those things that just have to be done. Often Greig takes the kids armed with a completely disorganised and random list I've curated, which is why I married him.

But sometimes I take the kids and sometimes we go together. I think having the self control to behave well in a shop for a little bit of time is a useful skill to have, no? Life ain't all cupcakes and cashmere kids.

For the longest time I've wanted to take my big camera with me to the supermarket to catch the kids there. I think it's a funny juxtaposition, massive store and tiny children. But I've always been too embarrassed to whip out the DSLR among the fruit and veg. 

I took it today though and I'm glad I did. Most of the shots I took were rubbish, but I've conquered my silly fear so I'll be back camera in hand. Strangely enough no one was interested in me, on bended knee in the freezer aisle capturing Brodie in all his bed headed Sunday morning glory.

Maybe I'm a bit sad but I think there's something quite wonderful about the most beautiful things in the world (my offspring obviously) doing normal things.

Tune in next week for my photography series about us visiting public toilets. 



I suspect toddlers have loved playing Peekaboo since the beginning of time. Every 2 year old I've ever met thinks it is the funniest. It never gets old, for me or them. 

Grier was hiding behind the curtains this morning while the sun was streaming through the windows. Brodie joined in pretending he couldn't see her so she could pop out over and over again. Luckily because she did it so many times I was able to grab my camera and catch a simple, special moment. 



moment 2.1.jpg
moment 2.2.jpg
mummy daddy me


When Greig and I became parents our world was turned upside down and inside out - in the best way possible. In the birth of our baby son we also created 2 new sets of grandparents. Brodie was not only our first son but a treasured first grandchild and great grandchild and first nephew for all of our siblings. We didn't intially appreciate the far reaching ripples our little one's arrival would make, that he would create new roles through 3 generations. 

We also had no idea the massive contribution our parents would make to bringing up and nurturing our children. The practical help they would give us and emotional support which has bolstered us often. 

Grandparents and Great Grandparents play a massive part in Brodie and Grier's lives, they are part of their everyday experiences in a way I didn't ever envisage. 

These photos are not very good (shrieking, moving child in low light anyone?) but they are very precious. Nana, Grandad, Granny, Granda, Great Granda and Great Granny we thank you for your time, your treats, your cuddles, your stories your never ending and unflinching adoration of these little people. 


moment 1.jpg

Grier and Grandad

moment 2.jpg

Brodie, Grier and Granny

mummy daddy me


Shopping is a bit different when you've got kids isn't it? It's less relaxing more fly through the shops as quickly as possible chucking stuff into your trolley before someone is

a) hungry

b) needs a pee

c) knocks over a giant display causing immeasurable damage while other shoppers look on aghast in horror. 

Today we went on a covert picking up pre ordered Christmas presents from shops mission. We had all the boxes safely ensconced in the boot of the car and neither little one suspected a thing when Daddy fancied trying on a few pairs of sunglasses. 

Cue much trying on and general hilarity. Kids might make things more complicated but they make things so much more fun and give you amazing photo opportunities in the middle of your local TK Maxx. 

Greig got new sunglasses and I got these photos. Priceless

glasses 1.jpg
glasses 2.jpg
glasses 3.jpg
glasses 4.jpg

Brodie and Grier, I may have temporarily lost the art of shopping slowly, leisurely and just for fun but look at what I get to do instead. 


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