This is the first item of clothing I have ever sewn. Worn by my most handsome firstborn. I am a little proud of my skills in both of these departments:)

So the hoodie definitely not perfect but it's totally wearable so I'm taking that as a success. I found the pattern harder to use than I think I should have, I'm a little challenged when it comes to patterns. I possibly used the wrong fabric and I have no idea how it's going to wash which is going to be important. See below I used navy thread to sew the whole thing and I should have used pale blue for the lining as it looks a bit naff. I made a complete mess of the buttonholes. It took me HOURS to work out how to get my machine to produce any kind of buttonhole and when I did I had a complete disaster where the whole thing go caught up in the machine and I had to bust out my screwdriver and take things apart to retrieve it. But, I got there in the end and now I totally know how to make buttonholes. I'm a little excited to sew more little clothes. I bought the pattern here and I thought it was great. I'd read a few reviews which said to size up so I cut an age 4T for Brodie which fits great and although some reviews said the arms were long mine are fine. It took about 4 hours over a few days and the instructions must have been clear as my seam ripper didn't see any action.