Isla and Paul

It has been wedding season for us over the past week. Two family weddings in a 5 day period has been memorable and emotional. And I'm pretty sure the kids now think of themselves as professional wedding guests.

I've known Greig's sister Isla for twenty years and for every one of those she has been mad about pink. So it made sense  on a day to celebrate her (and her new husband of course) pink featured heavily. We kicked off the wedding weekend with a brunch for the ladies which was a lovely way to get together and share a few memories and laughs. 

And then just like that the wedding day itself.

In a true testament to Scottish weather it chucked down almost all day. But that did nothing to dampen spirits and in all honesty I'm not sure the bride even noticed. She was a picture of calm and serenity. And she literally beamed from beginning to end. 

In the midst of the busyness a wee moment of calm for Brodie. 

The kids literally danced themselves to a standstill. They are a fantastic reminder to squeeze every last drop of joy from a happy occasion. It felt odd to carry a bouquet rather than have my camera in my hand but it was a lovely honour to be included in the wedding party. 

From the first hair grip to the last dance it was a day filled with love and happiness, and a wonderful beginning to married life.