I kept the horseshoe I was given at our wedding. The sentiment it holds is pure and true but to be honest it's not the most attractive. I love the idea of horseshoes and always try to have one on hand when we attend a wedding. I made this one last year and I made a personalised tag to add to a silver one I bought from Etsy for Euan and Heather so I had to come up with something new for Fiona.I browsed Pinterest - no really I did - and found this and thought it would be a nice idea to try. Fiona likes quirky things and vintagey things and I think this is a bit of both. I dug out old fabric I'd been hoarding keeping for just such a special project. Some was leftover from Grier's baby quilt and some was literally just tiny scraps. I mostly stuck to yellow, red, white, pink and a touch of blue. Using leftover wire I fashioned a rough horseshoe shape. I wrapped this in craft foam leaving two loops free at each end to tie ribbon around later and wrapped it all in electrical tape. I wonder if I could get a sponsorship for my use of electrical tape in craft projects? Then I tied, and tied and tied, mixing the colours as I went. I added a ribbon as the handle and trimmed the tails of the scraps so they were all roughly the same length. I didnt' worry about fraying, I wanted it to look a bit shabby (chic?). I had a leftover air-dried clay heart from another project so I stamped it with the bride and groom's initials in red ink to personalise. In hindsight, I perhaps should have added the wedding date to the back?

horseshoe 1

horseshoe 2

horseshoe 3

And then I commissioned Brodie to fling it at top speed at Auntie Fiona. If that's not good luck I'm not sure what is.


Remember these invitations I made? Well the wedding is on Saturday and we are hoping to get a glimpse of the Bride (and Groom and Bridesmaids!) after she is married so I've made a horseshoe for Brodie to hand over for good luck when we see her. I say Brodie, but he might decide he doesn't actually want to do it at all so we Grier might step in.I couldn't find anything nice to buy and I saw something like this online and had a go myself. I used felt for the shape and just sewed on lots of buttons, added some pearls and crystals and a ribbon, stuffed it and called it done.