Whale of a Tale

So after making Brodie's quilt I felt the need to continue the aquatic theme and make a soft toy to go with it. Because probably, maybe sometime soon the boy is going to deem himself *whispers* too big for soft toys. 

I pinned this a while ago thinking it was really cool. The instructions are written in mandarin chinese I believe? But I used the pictures to create some templates from card for my fabric pieces. I used some denim fabric first seen when I made this play mat which makes the whale slightly more 'big boy' I think and is also pretty robust should the whale be involved in some epic adventures, which I certainly hope he will.

I may or may not (I did) have sewn his back to his front, back to front if you get me, but that was easy to fix. Greig and I found ourselves sniggering as Brodie sat next to me as I finished sewing on the whale's eyes while Brodie chatted to me without batting an eyelid. Or maybe he was secretly thinking, I hope that's not for me Mum, you are crazy cakes.

When he opened it on Christmas morning he was delighted and it's had pride of place on his pillow since then which makes me all misty eyed. 

In a perfect world I'd go back and put a bit more teddy stuffing in him but I can't (be bothered that is).