So this post is essentially a massive photodump of Grier's birthday. I'm not good at editing when it comes to the special days of my special people. That makes it sound like this post won't be good. That's wrong, it will be excellent. Read on, 


birthday 1.jpg

We had family for cake and presents on Sunday. Grier got some fancy tights from Granny which had to put on straight away. Do it 'self.

birthday 2.jpg

She's a total Granda's girl. 

birthday 3.jpg
birthday 4.jpg
birthday 5.jpg

sparkly shoes, necklace on head, cinderella duplo

birthday 6.jpg
birthday 7.jpg

new play kitchen

birthday 8.jpg
birthday 10.jpg

Grier's special treat was a visit to the zoo. She loved it all, but mostly being with Brodie. Doing what Brodie does. We went to the zoo when Brodie was 2 as well read about it here .

birthday 11.jpg
birthday 12.jpg

we found you zebras

birthday 13.jpg

happy, happy birthday you cake filled, animal loving, life squeezing joyous girl. Love you.