This Life

my favourite moment this week was Grier telling me she needed a moments peace to find her magnifying glass. that girl.

greig is nominated for a Scottish Press Award. he asked me to take a photo as they need one from all the nominees. i even photoshopped out the nail hole which was visible to the left of his head after we took a picture down to get a blank wall to shoot on. that's love people. and i wouldn't be ashamed to ask you to vote for him but that would be pointless because 'apparently it doesn't work like that'. fair enough. but handsome.

mercifully uncle douglas is always up for a game of angry birds star wars.

i need more weetabricks mum

not the actual wilderness, just our garden

we furnish nana and grandad with tea and cakes and they read, play, build and cuddle.

grier is mightily enamoured with my egg tree

someone sent me the most beautiful flowers